Insurance Advisor

Opportunities for Navigators, Translators

Update: Read the Manual for navigators available at this link. Obamacare navigators will be helping people make their way through the myriad of rules and benefits available under the 2009 Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare. Aside from the people who will be helping new customers sign up for insuranc, there will also be jobs available for support staff, since the law requires translation services in all major language groups, so Spanish Speaking Navigators and bilingual assistance needs to be available.

High Hourly Wages Available

Navigator JobsNavigator jobs have become a hot commodity in post-recession America. These high paying jobs are designed to help consumers navigate their way through complicated Obamacare paperwork and various insurance plans offered on state healthcare exchanges. A navigator should not be beholden to an insurance agency or give advice that is not impartial, and they should consider an individual's needs, income, and anticipated subsidies before getting them a plan. Navigators will also need to determine whether people should be getting insurance from their employers, and whether those plans meet the minimum requirement for affordable healcare under ACA provisions. Most of these jobs have a training period, though there has been some controversy about the level of training provided to people who are getting these jobs, and the rushed nature of the training to be ready for the October 1, 2013 deadline. On top of all this, in some states it is not even possible to see what is available on online exchanges until the launch of the Open Enrollment period.

State Requirements Vary

Requirements for healthcare navigators vary on a state by state basis. For example, in some states you will need to be licensed to sell insurance or at least take the same tests that insurance sellers take. In other states, it is more of a free for all and you can be a ex-con with felony convictions for identity theft, and you can get into a chair advising people on which insurance they should buy, even though there is a danger of identity theft. Big states like California need several thousand navigators, and some states have empowered NGOs and other charitable organizations to help poor and underserved communities to choose from insurers on the healthcare exchange.