Good Pay

Are There Still Openings?

Navigator JobsA huge new class of government jobs opened up under the ACA (affordable care act) in the form of healthcare navigator jobs, which are necessary in order to steer people through healthcare exchanges set up under Obamacare. Previous employment in the insurance industry is helpful, but not in fact required. There are also ACA job openings for translators and interpreters who may be helping people in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Conversational Klingon, and other languages where eligibile people may get assistance.

The small time window for hiring has brought a great deal of people into ACA navigator employment in a short time, and the required training has actually been pared down in order to ensure that there will be helpers for people who want to sign up for insurance.

Requirements for ACA Jobs

Depending on the state, there may be minimal requirements under the ACA to be a healthcare navigator, but in other states there could be licensing requirements similar to becoming an insurance agent. While this may seem like a burden, in reality people need to get the best possible advice for the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum healthcare plans. There are formulas to see if people will get subsidized health insurance, or if they have to pay for the premiums on their own.

Rush for Job Openings

ACA job openings vary on a state-by-state basis, and while some states are using volunteers to fill out positions, others are hiring full-time employees at upwards of $30 an hour to assist all the uninsured people who will be looking to sign up and avoid the tax penalty that comes with noncompliance. Naturally, special navigators under the ACA will be needed to work with sick, elderly, and underserved populations in inner cities and housing developments who may not be able to travel to some government signup locations.